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The writings of Spiritualism's Emma Hardinge inspired our web author to take the path of wanting to give people greater access to spiritual wisdom.

Spiritualists' Welcome

If you are a Spiritualist or have an interest in the philosophy of Spiritualism then we particularly welcome you to this website. Here, we aim to provide spiritual wisdom and instructions for mind and body exercises.

We explain spiritual development that can enhance mediumship, or the ability of being open to receiving help from spiritual beings. We believe, in accordance with Emma Hardinge's teachings, that the spiritual development path enhances human potential, it helps people develop their latent abilities for being artistic, creative, scientific, inventive, scholarly and inspirational.

Young people are searching for spiritual wisdom and guidance and we hope to be able to provide body and mind self-development information so people will discover more about their own Spiritual-Self.

Site Author, Spiritualist, Perry Rabbitts

Perry Rabbitts who has explored Spiritualism teachings and been a support of the Spiritualists National Union.Reading Spiritualist Church
Spiritualists' National Union, SNU Ltd.

Emma Hardinge Britten

Emma believed that, with a correct system of training, the potential for human spiritual development was immense. Some years ago, Perry was inspired by Emma's words to record a series of lectures, originally given by Emma Hardinge in 1865. Listen to some of Perry's "Emma recordings".

Ideas for enhancing spiritual potential.