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10 July 2013:

Completed the Human Magnetism page and now working on our LESSON ONE pages.

Also see our author's blog page.


6 July 2013: Making good progress, all bad web-pages have gone, website technically functions well, now I am in the process of adding content. However, each new page is taking a long time, the Spiritualism pages alone have taken 3 days.

June 2013: Our other website www.noumic.com is nearing completion and product prices changed, so now we can concentrate on this, spiritual garden website.

Priority for July 2012 will be to ensure a standard web page appearance and full functioning of every link and then make a start on the first two body/mind concept and exercise pages.


December: Our web-author has been having some quite amazing spiritual experiences recently which has been delaying the re-launch of this website, however there is now enthusiasm and commitment to get the task properly underway.

October: Laptop computer failure in mid-October so web improvement plan delayed until new machine arrives.

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