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Perry RabbittsPerry Rabbitts

Spiritual Seeker
Website Author

He has studied certain esoteric spiritual philosophies; mystic Christianity, Theosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Spiritualism. He is interested in esoteric human ability concepts; such as Astral Travel, OBE, and Human Magnetism.

He has done some public speaking on spiritual subjects and taught meditation development classes. From early on he created internet websites with the aim of presenting spiritual self-development information in a precise and accessible way.

He likes logic and has a mathematical ability. From an early age he was interested in electronics and the immerging computer technologies. This has led him to create his Noumic Device invention, an electronic instrument to help people learn the skills of deep relaxation in order to create inner-space for spiritual self-development.

Perry Says

I have not achieved the awakened spiritual consciousness described in so many spiritual writings. How can someone who has not had the experience guide others? This is the dilemma I face!

I failed to practice properly some of the basic mind body exercises that spiritual teachers recommend. I made the mistake of considering the more complex concepts and practices, I rushed ahead before the proper ground-work was done.

This website will concentrate on basic spiritual exercises without unnecessary deep philosophical explanations. I keep it simple to encourage you to take steps one at a time.

As I add the mind and body exercises to this website I will be doing them too; I will record my progress and give extra advice and encouragement.

Author's Blog


04-10 Mar: I go for a weeks Buddhism retreat to the mountains of Spain.


July: Our human magnetism interest pages are complete and I have made good progress with the Spiritualism interest page.

I had a mind-changing experience today (3rd.) during the Heart Jewel Puga at the Buddhist Centre. In recent weeks the subject of 'emptiness' has been taught; I won't it explain here but it is freeing up my mind in different ways. Anyway, during the Puga, just me and one other person, the Buddha-feeling was almost tangible. I mean by that, when the time for quiet meditation came, I began to feel as if mind-boundaries were shifting and throughout I was fairly successful at tranquil-abiding, not letting my mind get excited or drifting off; I kept realising that, with emptiness, where is there to drift off to. I felt so calm, my mind so clear and uncluttered; am I getting closer to experiencing the profound spiritual experience that I have hoped for?

26 June: After a six months break I am pleased to say that I am back and about to concentrate on this website. Standardise its design, ensure it functions perfectly and then add some proper content.


15-17 December: A wonderfully mind-expanding and real-experience filled prayer and meditation retreat at my local Buddhist centre. During the 10 evening classes that lead up to this retreat, I have been contemplating karma and reincarnation, and, I think I do fully accept that these are facts. During the retreat, I discovered more about and had overwhelming experiences of.

December at the Tabernacle: The Holy-Spirit focused Tabernacle christian church I am finding a wonderfully comfortable place to expand my connection with the holy spiritual feelings that I have been having these last 3 months. These positive experiences happen, that sometimes make me cry.

1 & 8 December at the Synagogue. I got that 'tingle feeling' when thinking about going to the local Synagogue. So on these two Saturdays I went to experience the Jewish religion. The first time, I arrived a little late, the Rabbi was at a part of the service which require 10 adult men to be present, my arrival made this possible. Reading their religious books during the service has removed many of my misconceptions about how the God of Abraham and Mosses. Tender - Merciful - Loving - Forgiving.

December at the Church of England.
It has been a wonderful month at the St Marks & All Saints churches which I am attending around 5 times each week. Some of the Bible readings, some of the sermons, seem to be making sense to me personally and raising my hopes that wisdom and great potential is coming. I love the Sunday evening services. With very few people attending I find it so very peaceful. During a Benediction service I had an overwhelming experience of great love which I felt able to send to someone I know whose name came up in the prayers, and then I was able to feel a strong love for everyone, all living beings, such a wonderful feeling; I cried and cried at the beauty and peace of it all.

November 2012: Dreams this month have been most interesting. From 10th to 18th I had lucid-dreams, with semi-awake obe like experiences within the dreams. I was a little disillusioned that conscious obe, or conscious awareness of the 'other-worlds' seems no nearer but these dreams have helped me realise that there might be other types of progress taking place within my mind.

There are some fundamental changes in my thinking, perhaps this is why there is a delay, or lack of motivation, in preparing this 'new' website. November is seeing my continuing participation in the high-church Christian service rituals of my local C of E church. There, I am sometimes experiencing that 'other-worldliness' feeling, perhaps calling it the holy-spirit feeling is premature; it is a peaceful, content and calm feeling sometimes bringing a sense of mild joy.

Early November I went to the Pentecostal Church, The Tabernacle on Oxford Road, Reading. They preach that experiencing God, the holy-spirit, is possible; and indeed, that morning I strongly experienced the spiritual nerve-energy feeling. Feeling joy, not just briefly but throughout the service, as if a breakthrough was close and spiritual connection with those at the service.

October 2012: Started a Buddhist meditation class. They are encouraging mindfulness meditation; that is, self awareness, calming the mind and seeking to achieve a deep mind awareness where it is still and peaceful.

September: Started a raja-yoga meditation course. This has introduced me to a new type of meditation practice; with eyes open looking at a small light in front. My mind-awareness is to be focused on my soul, this represented as a point of light centred in the forehead. I must encourage mind calmness and awareness of peace. When I apply this new meditation while using the Noumic Device I get some amazing results. Before, the device showed my body results fluctuating with hardly any white (balanced-light). Now, with the new meditation practice I can get the white light light for prolonged periods...

August: I cannot explain why, but I have an impulse to try different churches and spiritual organisations locally. I seem to be learning and experiencing things from all of them. In particular, my local high-Anglican church in Downshire Square. I will explain more...

Ideas for enhancing spiritual potential.