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Our Plan
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Our Plan

Our introduction page explains our general aim for this website, to give teachings, exercises, and practical suggestions as steps on your spiritual journey.

From various spiritual sources we plan to give information about:-

Spiritual Science

By spiritual science we mean that category of human knowledge that attempts to understand, the world around us and our place in it. Spiritual science ideas may not yet be supported by modern science but we believe it has logic and sound reasoning to support it and importantly, the direct experience and observations of our sources of spiritual wisdom.

Mind, body and your sense of self: We will present ideas about the composition of, or the parts of, a human being. We will expand the concept of human body and explain that you have a mind but are far more than than your mind.

Matter, energy, spirit, and life: We expand the idea of mater into the non-material world, which may seem a contradiction. You know of solid, liquid, and gas; but beyond the detectable limits of today's science there is a finer, more subtle sort of matter. The same applies to energy; all energy stems from a type of universal energy and, when it comes down to it, the ultimate source both matter and energy is spirit. We will introduce to you the wisdom teachings about spirit.

Spiritual Psychology

Our sources of spiritual wisdom have some refreshing ideas concerning human psychology. Many of their concepts will be completely new; such as, for example, that mind is a type of substance.

Methods to improve mind skills of concentration and will-power: Our spiritual sources emphasise the importance of training the mind; which in fact, frees it and allows it to grow in consciousness. Early on we will suggest simple exercises that improve concentration and that will help you understand human will-power.

Preparing the mind for growth in consciousness: A wider understanding of human psychology will stimulate your thinking. Some of our spiritual psychology ideas will be completely new, however, they are logical and very practical. By applying the knowledge, subtle shifts in thinking will take place and a gentle growth in your spiritual consciousness will take place.

Esoteric Spiritual Ideas

By esoteric spiritual ideas we mean the 'hidden' or mysterious ideas that bring you to a vast and profound understanding of the concept of God and spiritual beings.

Profound Concept of God: Generally, people have a limited view of the concept of God but our sources of spiritual wisdom write about the universal one-ness of God, the absolute; they make effort to explain so as to prepare your mind for the experience to come when conscious expands sufficiently and you know that we are inseparable from all living beings and in fact one with all life. By summarising the various spiritual wisdom explanations about God we hope to expand your thinking.

Spiritual beings and seeking help from spiritual guides: Generally people have a limited understanding about spiritual beings; those who can help us collectively and the spiritual guides who help us on an individual level. We will put before you ideas and lead you to a point where you are prepared to accept help from them, and in fact generate a determination to want help from them. Our sources of spiritual wisdom have provided intellectual help and guidance but the time will come when your mind develops sufficiently for a step to be taken that can be best done, perhaps only be done, with direct help from a spiritual guide. But don't limit your thinking here read what our sources have to say on this matter.

Ideas for enhancing spiritual potential.